Monarch of the Seas, breakdown of the illustration.

Cutaway technical illustration, 
Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Monarch of the Seas.
Monarch of the Seas, final illustration as used for posters, web, collateral.
Monarch of the Seas, profile illustration with all decks and dimensions.
Each individual deck of the Cruise ship is drawn in illustrator. Monarch of the Seas

Important information is separated by color. Monarch of the Seas
The profile illustration is dropped into perspective in illustrator. Monarch of the Seas
The decks are then stacked on top of each other. Monarch of the Seas
Dimension between the decks can now be drawn. Monarch of the Seas
In this illustration the deck guides are switched off so that you can start to see what you are drawing. Monarch of the Seas
This version of the drawing contains cabin reference, this was later reduced to just showing the sections of three cabins. Monarch of the Seas
The final illustration line art, without all the guides and reference. Monarch of the Seas
Well we had to start someplace so we chose the pool deck. Monarch of the Seas
Monarch of the Seas, Pool deck close up
The Centrum of Monarch of the Seas
Monarch of the Seas, dining rooms
Monarch of the Seas, Windjammer restaurant.
Monarch of the Seas, Entrances to Boleros, the Casino and a dining room.
Monarch of the Seas, Calypso restaurant and Bar.
Monarch of the Seas, Boleros dance floor.
Monarch of the Seas, dining rooms.
Monarch of the Seas, Rock wall and sports court.
Monarch of the Seas, Seating area ouside the shops.
Monarch of the Seas, Shops, conference rooms etc.
Monarch of the Seas, Shops, Theatre.
Monarch of the Seas, Sushi restaurant.

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