Renewable energy sources, a project for Exxon/Mobil
Harper college Annual report illustrations
Mattress cutaway illustrations.
Architectural and Construction Infographics.
Skyscraper Size comparison.
Medical Infographics.
Blueprint Style Infographics.
Automotive diagrams and infographics.
Gortex Shoe Liner.
Food Infographics.
Rebreather, infographic illustration.
Shallow Lake Reclamation. Infographic illustration.
Wetlands, infographics.
Scientific American, Amateur Scientist illustrations.
i-Warehouse, Raymond Storage Concept App.
Adjustable sailboat keel
US Shipping project.
Disney Map 50th Anniversary
Cutaway House, safety precautions.
United Technologies poster.
Raytheon Annual Report
Industry Infographics
Energy Industry illustrations.
Fields Project
Aviation InfoGraphic illustrations
Energy and Industrial Info-graphics
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