Fetish pinup sketches

Fetish Pin-up drawings
What I am trying to achieve at this moment and with these drawings, are the half thoughts that form before coalescing into a painting. To me a painting is always set in stone, once the drawing is completed basically I am just filling in the lines. These studies allow a looseness that I could never achieve in a painting. Although each one is incomplete in itself, none of them need to be taken further as each has achieved for me the plave to stop. I intend to add to this collection so I hope you will revisit my site from time to time so you can see what my thoughts are revealing to me.
"Blood on her Hands" Fetish Pinup Sketch . Out for a walk on a beautiful summers day?
"Yellow Corsette" Fetish Pinup sketch. Oh, please I am shy.
"Red Dress Dancer" Fetish Pinup Drawing.
"Spotted Dress" Fetish Pinup Drawing
"What's in the box'  Fetish Pinup Drawing
"New Summer Hat" Fetish Pinup Drawing
"Caught" Fetish Pinup Drawing
"Medic" Fetish Pinup Drawing. Oh dear, such a heel to have broken it off with me.
"Out for a Stroll" Fetish Pinup Drawing, A little privacy please.

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